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Bail Bond Reviews and Testimonials

Randolph Bail Bonds is a family run business and we treat you like family each step of the way. Over the years we have been happy to help thousands of people in their time of need. It is a stressful time and we do all we can to make the process simple, efficient and painless. We know that’s why we have the highest customer satisfaction rating, but why not hear our bail bond reviews direct from our happy clients…

They were very professional and did and excellent job in helping us. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone caught in a tough situation. They were great to do business with. Very courteous and respectful. Thanks.

Samantha Smith

September 2015

I absolutely loved them! I couldn’t have asked for better people or a better place! They really have your best interest at heart! They really are family! Will be forever great full to them and cannot thank them enough for everything! ! You guys truely are a bleeding!
Kathryn marshall

August 2015

These guys went the Extra Mile!
Moe Fard

July 2015

My name is Eugene Harwood Michael and all the people at Randolph bail bonds are great they helped me out all i had to do is follow simple instructions like some idiots out ther cant and end up back in jail and then start whinning about it if they would have called in or showed up to check in or even better go to their court dates they might not be locked back up so look in mirror before you slam bail bond company for doing job i wouldny have any problem using these guys again their great and thank you randolph and company for all your help your great.
Gene Harwood

April 2015

Fast and very understanding that sometimes bad things do happen to good people. Very helpful and professional. 5 stars are just not enough. Have no doubts when dealing with them. I would recommend them to everyone.
Dave Colston


They are real people that understand the reality of jail, prison and going through all the drama during the process of it all. They want to help give people who have made some bad choice or mistake an opportunity to utilize and enjoy there freedom whilst fighting there legal case with the court system. It is easier and less stressful when you can spend time with your loved ones, continue to work your job to secure money for your legal defense and or take care of you and your family if you should have to do time. Just be straight up and honest with these guys , follow there rules and make your court dates . Because if you don’t bank on you paying the price for blowing it and it wont be there fault it will be your own. Randolph & Company Bail Bonds are a great bondsman company and I recommend them to anyone that’s in jail and needs or wants to bonded out and back to the streets.
Matt Buehl


I would highly recommend Randolph bail bonds. very professional and they got myself and friends out of jail quickly and with a professional manner. use theses guys there awesome.
Martin Locke


My experience with Randolph & Company was absolutely GREAT!!! I have actually use there services twice in a four year span. On both accusations they bailed me out very quickly once in Phoenix,Az and once in Las Vegas, Nv. They are a family orientated business that are very understanding and willing to work with you. I actually was on bail for a 1 year which caused for me to travel in and out of state multiple times for court. As long as i stayed in constant communication with them there was never a issue. They also wrote me a letter wrote me a letter of recommendation when time for my sentencing!!
Carl Gilmore


The randolph family is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and resourceful. They were very helpful during a stressful time and they are extremely professional. I highly recommend them! !!!! 🙂
Kelly Dale


Bail bonds is definitely a service that’s unique in its own right. Randolph Bail Bonds and its staff, Michael in particular, are the GREATEST I’ve ever personally had to deal with when working with a bail bondsman. Not only do they go out of their way to make sure your loved one doesn’t sit in jail when they don’t need to be, but the also find ways to make it possible when there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. For example, even when collateral becomes an issue. Whether your bond is considerably low or excruciatingly high they’ll work with you every step of the way to see to it that you get the service you expect and the results you deserve. They’re extremely prompt, courteous, and on-top of the Phoenix Bail Bonds market. I wouldn’t recommend any other bondsman in Phoenix and I definitely wouldn’t seek the services of another until first calling them. I dealt with Michael and was very pleased, but whomever you deal with I’m positive the experience will be just as pleasing. Don’t get screwed or messed around when needing a bond, call Randolph first and I can almost guarantee you won’t need to make another call. Good Luck and stay out of trouble!
Colin P.


Family owned and operated but knows by experience what your going through. They go over and beyond for customer service and are the BEST I’ve ever done business with.
Christie Peterson


Mistakes are made in life that land you in jail, but when its time to get out, without a doubt I highly recommend Randolf Bail Bond Co. Professional, caring staff that truly understand the stresses that come with being incarcerated. Randolf is there to alleviate that stress.
David Oldenburg


They were really great i was so stressed out about getting my boyfriend out of jail and they walked me through everything and got him out quickly they just did a great job.
lesley mcgraw


Thank You Randolf Bail Bonds! Without your help my husband would of lost his job due to being put in jail after being pulled over for driving on a suspended license, which was all a HUGE mistake on the MVD and our previous insurance companies fault. He is truck driver for a well known company and this would of ruined his career. No other bond companies in the valley would even talk to me about it. Your company had him out with a quickness and we were able to find out what happened and resolve the issue. Thank you again. I refer your organization and family to everyone.
Jo Ellen Garcia


Talking to Tony at Randolph Bail Bonds makes me a believer. After talking to many other agencies, I found these guys who are for real and professional as well as helpful throughout. Tony was able to explain the entire process of Bail to me in plain speech. I hope I never need them again, but am glad to know they are out there and that someone is willing to actually help. A down to Earth and family oriented company who really do care about what I was going through.
Steven J.